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Sckolarprovides central repository to view your child's academic grades and assign monetary values that post weekly, monthly, and annually


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Our Goal is simple: To educate students about Good Work Product 


  • Sckolar.com is a forum for teaching financial responsibility, respect and an understanding of the value of money whether it is saved or spent.
  • We provide a convenience as a single source repository of useful information for parents/guardians and their children in which to track school grades and provide a reward system for achievement/performance
  • Parents: Our site provides a conduit to financial resources that you may not otherwise be aware of 
  • We want to be a touch point between parents/guardians and their children (students) in which to learn, collaborate, and have fun. 
  • Sckolar.com established affiliate relationships with banks, credit card companies, 529 mutual plan administrators, and retail stores

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