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Tallulah Daly, CTO & Co-Founder,  is our web specialist and business technology head focusing on furthering the Sckolar brand   learn more about Tallulah

Camille Joubert, OM, heads up our advisory team. Her strengths include organization, planning, and leadership learn more about Camille

Tony Ruggierri, CEO & Founder, has 25+ years of experience in business with a concentration of sales & commercial real estate. He owns the company Velstar International  learn more about Tony

Our Team 


260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, United States


Toll Free Phone: (212) 882-1445 

(855) 474-1700


Bernardo Cabrera, social media & marketing manager, has an artistic eye and understanding of what our customers & partners like  learn more about Bernardo

Hayley Cluff​, CSO, heads our sales and works with our partners directly. Her strengths include customer service and outreach  learn more about Hayley

Frankie Freihart, CFO, controls all financials for Sckolar. His passion in financial analytics provides sckolar with a strong business backround learn more about Frank

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Sckolarprovides central repository to view your child's academic grades and assign monetary values that post weekly, monthly, and annually

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